Monday, October 12, 2009

Never give up!!

Ten years had passed when my parents both died in an accident. It was the most shocking news i've ever heard in my whole life.
Since then we lived in our own.
My younger sis and I live together in a small house after the incident.
Sis and I decided to sell our house (the big house we used to live) because we will be needing the money for our school fees and other stuff.

My sis became a loner since our parents died and so do I.
I want to be strong for my sis, I really worked hard to get a scholarship to continue my studies in a Univ.
I worked as a student assistant, and in a convenience store to earn money for our daily needs.

My sis was so lucky to get a full scholarship until she graduated in highschool.

I did the same routine work,study,work, study for 3 years until i graduated in college.

I was so lucky enough to land a good job after I graduated. I was so happy because I can let my sis attend in a Univ and finish a bachelor degree.

I always strive hard for my sis and I to survive in this world.
We had a sorrowful life before and I don't want it to hinder our hopes and dreams.

Of course I still missed our parents, everynight i still cry and reminiscing the memories we had when we are still young.

I believe our parents are still with us guiding and helping us in our difficulties.

I miss you mom, I miss you dad.

Thank you for everything.....

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My first blog ^_^

Hi all!
This is my first attempt to create a blog.
Honestly am not a good writer :( but i believe I will be soon..
First of all, let me give you a short info about me:
-I am an Asian
-an orphan
-working in a telecom company
-inlove with my bestfriend lol (but he doesn't know about it)
-been broke, failed many times, almost lost my self-confidence
-love rainy days while enjoying a cup of coffee
-waiting for my right guy to come (fingers crossed hahaha)
-I hate bitchy person lol,sorry for saying that....

Watch out for more bloggy updates guys.

Have a great day everyone.

I always believe "Escape is not a solution to a problem" *wink