Sunday, November 15, 2009

Met him...

I am so confuse, I can't fight this anymore...
Why I feel so jealous everytime I see my bestfriend and his gf together...
Yes, I admit I admire my bestfriend Andrew, but till there. OK
I need to fight for this strange feeling.Crap!

Should I tell him how I feel or just ignore this..

Andrew always teases me to date someone so that we will have double date someday..Double date? Who's my prince charming anyway?
Should I wait for him or find him anywhere?

Speaking of prince charming, I saw someone this morning. He is handsome (got star struck with his looks), cool and looks VIP. He enters in the building where I am working with bodyguards.

When i saw him this morning, I didn't notice I was gazing to him LOL...

He was about to take the VIP elevator when one of his bodyguards inform him that he can't access the elevator with his ID (only VIP and their designated bodyguard can access that lift)..
Without hesitations I offer him my access ID for him to took the lift (by the way I have that ID access thingy because Andrew gave that privilege to me but didn't take the lift for personal use). I introduce myself and tell me him that I am working with Mr. Choi. And he smiled and thanked me..His smile looks so sweet LOL. OMG he looks so damn hot when he smiles.

I smiled back and they walk away then took the lift..

Hmmm,,when will I gonna see him again haha..

Anyways. it's gonna be a tough Monday again tomorrow..BOOO..