Friday, April 2, 2010

Shiny out there

I saw the sun today. It's smiling brightly to my face.
I miss going to the beach.
I want to go there bestfriend and I will be going somewhere in northern part of the country..It's freakin' hot in here so we decided to travel up there..
It's so sad my sis can't go with us..:(
I will miss you sissy...

Loving you in Pain

How will I say to YOU that I still LOVE you?

Welcome me with a red carpet lol

I am back..
I was away..
Far away where no one can find me lol..

I was totally worn out, I keep waiting for someone but he didn't come.. Sad isn't it.
Well, that's the reason why I was so down and blue for the past few months.
I wasn't able to work,eat well and do the normal things I usually do.
It almost killed me..

Anyways, I need to start blogging again. I miss this.

-Andrew (my bestfriend) broke up with his gf..Should i be happy or not lol.
-The prince charming I met from my previous post.remember? hmmm.. He's our new CEO stupid me..
I was so shocked that day when our former CEO (his father, introduces the new CEO)lol..
-I am happy everytime I see him in our firm..woot..
-Why I was so down the past few months?who's the culprit?Don't ask me about him..I don't have any idea where is he now lol..
-I am dating someone now hahaha...clue he's one of the guys I mentioned

I'll keep you updated then..

Ciao for now...